Beautiful data representation made easy

Our library of already existing and ready-to-use BioJS components will make your data shine. Learn in our step-by-step tutorial how to integrate BioJS components into your own website, web app or web-based presentation.

Benefit from a powerful and scientific visualization library

BioJS is the most popular Javascript library to fit the needs of users from Life Sciences to date


Biology Specific

BioJS components from our Registry are tailored to biologists' everyday needs


Elegant UI

BioJS components come packed with a modern user interface to make your data look the best


Easy to use

Use any of our 130 ready-to-use components from the open BioJS library

You have already done a great job - now we do our best to create the visibility your efforts deserve and give you an unique way to share your achievements.

Using state-of-the-art web technologies BioJS enables a full-featured biological workbench directly in your browser. With our event-based approach it's easy for developers to integrate BioJS in their application.

Unlike writing your own JS components, and unnecessarily reinventing the wheel, BioJS gives you access to fully-documented code, complete with examples and a common structure.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is by now one of the most ubiquitious programming languages on the web. Any website containing dynamic user interactions, search functions, image sliders and similar features is based on the usage of JavaScript or JavaScript-based frameworks. Therefore building websites and web applications becomes even more exciting when you're getting started with JavaScript!

Get into coding with BioJS to use Javascript-powered visualization components

We are quite more than just a registry for components - we aim to build a infrastructure , guidelines and tools to avoid the reinvention of the wheel in life sciences (= “Docker for Bio web components”).
In the early days of BioJS we defined specific Easy to goals, let’s see where we currently stand:

Easy to combine - require('my-awesome-biojs-component') (with browserify we can also use run require in the browser)

Easy to use - npm install my-awesome-biojs-component (you will see that npm exactly behaves like our Lego block manager)

Easy to develop : we make only minimal rules and try to give the developers as much freedom as possible

Easy to discover : BioJS components can be easily browsed at

Easy to understand : We hope you like this education platform

Easy to maintain : Everyone creates a github repo for this component and maintains only the code he loves

Easy to get involved : Apart from our amazing tutorial, we are also very active on github and gitter

A variety of international projects are already BioJS powered

Check out these examples of rich web experiences using BioJS










Learn how to visualize your biological data with BioJS today

BioJS builds a infrastructure, guidelines and tools to avoid the reinvention of the wheel in life sciences (= "Docker for Bio web components"). Our community builds modules than can be reused by anyone.

Learn how to integrate BioJS components into your web interfaces with our step-by-step tutorial.

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