Get into coding with BioJS to use Javascript-powered visualization components

We are quite more than just a registry for components - we aim to build a infrastructure , guidelines and tools to avoid the reinvention of the wheel in life sciences (= “Docker for Bio web components”).
In the early days of BioJS we defined specific Easy to goals, let’s see where we currently stand:

Easy to combine - require('my-awesome-biojs-component') (with browserify we can also use run require in the browser)

Easy to use - npm install my-awesome-biojs-component (you will see that npm exactly behaves like our Lego block manager)

Easy to develop : we make only minimal rules and try to give the developers as much freedom as possible

Easy to discover : BioJS components can be easily browsed at

Easy to understand : We hope you like this education platform

Easy to maintain : Everyone creates a github repo for this component and maintains only the code he loves

Easy to get involved : Apart from our amazing tutorial, we are also very active on github and gitter