About BioJS

BioJS is an open-source project for the creation and distribution of JavaScript based components facilitating biological data manipulation and visualization. BioJS therefore not only aims to provide the technical resources for creating biological data representation, but also to build the community to share knowledge and resources with.

The growing community of BioJSstar

The BioJS community has been growing since the very beginning of the project. We aim to further develop the community by offering live chats, Github issue management and discussions, participation in student projects, e.g. Google Summer of Code and regular Skype conferences discussing the technical development and roadmap of the overall project.

Components for biological data representationstart

BioJS provides to date a set of over 130 different JavaScript components in its open-source library; this means that the full functionality of the component is not only accessible via the BioJS registry, but also its source code via Github. This facilitates technical discussions about developing components in the community but also makes it easy for other developers to extend the existing code base.

Principal Investigators

Manuel Corpasfavorite
Manuel Corpas (TGAC)close

Manuel is the Plant and Animal Genomes Project Leader at the bioinformatics driven Genome Analysis Centre in Norwich, UK and one of the main driving forces for the BioJS project since several years.

Henning Hermjakobfavorite
Henning Hermjakob (EBI)close

Henning is the Team Leader of the Proteomics Services at the EMBl-EBI and an advocate of open-source and open-data approaches in bioinformatics.

Suzi Lewisfavorite
Suzi Lewis (Berkeley Lab)close

Suzi is a scientist and head of the Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-source Projects based at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

BioJS Core Team

Developers from all around the world have been participating in the further development of BioJS and its resources since the very beginning of the project.

Jessica Jordanfavorite
Jessica Jordan (TGAC)close

Jessica is a web developer in the BioJS project, working at The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), Norwich UK. She is responsible for the UI optimization of both BioJS components and the project's resources, as well as the organization of workshops and tutorials teaching about the library.

Miguel Pignatellifavorite
Miguel Pignatelli (EMBL-EBI)close

Miguel Pignatelli is a Javascript developer at the Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation (CTTV) and has contributed to BioJS with several projects.

Leyla Garciafavorite
Leyla Garcia (EMBL-EBI)close

Leyla is a software engineer at EMBL-EBI and organizes events around the BioJS project. She has been mentoring a multitude of students in programming throughout her academic career.

Tatyana Goldbergfavorite
Tatyana Goldberg (TUM)close

Tatyana is a PhD student at Rostlab, Technical University of Munich and organizes workshops and training programmes around BioJS.

Carlos Horro Marcosfavorite
Carlos Horro Marcosclose

Carlos is a bioinformatician at the Genome Analysis Centre, Norwich, UK and an active participant in the technical decisions regarding the BioJS project.

David Daofavorite
David Daoclose

David is a developer and active BioJS contributor at the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard in Cambridge, MA and involved in the technical roadmap of BioJS.

Daniel Teixeirafavorite
Daniel Teixeiraclose

Daniel is a bioinformatician and developer at the Swiss Insitute of Bioinformatics

Dennis Schwartzfavorite
Dennis Schwartzclose

Dennis is a master student at the Technical University of Munich and has not only been contributing his own components to the BioJS library, but also maintains the project's resources, organizes workshops and tutorials and creates images and illustrations around the project.

Gustavo Salazarfavorite
Gustavo Salazarclose

Gustavo is a developer and workshop organizer mentor at the BioJS project, as well as a PhD student at the University of Cape Town.

Sebastian Wilzbachfavorite
Sebastian Wilzbachclose

Sebastian has been one of the most active contributors to the BioJS project and was highly involved in the release of BioJS 2.0. He still participates in main technical decisions about BioJS roadmap and maintains many of its resources.

Jose Villavecesfavorite
Jose Villavecesclose

Jose is a PhD student in Bioinformatics and an active contributor to the BioJS library. He organizes and mentors workshops around BioJS as well.

Yo Yehudifavorite
Yo Yehudi (U Cambridge)close

Yo is a software developer at the Dept. of Genetics at University of Cambridge. She is actively involved in the technical roadmapping of the BioJS project.

Guy Yachdavfavorite
Guy Yachdav (TUM)close

Guy has over ten years experience of various software, database and information system development

Michiel Helvensteijnfavorite
Michiel Helvensteijn (UCL)close

Michiel is a PhD student at Leiden University, Netherlands.

Rowland Mosbergenfavorite
Rowland Mosbergen (Stemformatics)close

Rowland is a web developer at Stemformatics and involved in the technical planning of BioJS' roadmap

Martin Pagefavorite
Martin Pageclose

Martin is an active BioJS contributor working at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK. He is involved in the technical roadmap of the project and helps with the maintenance of its resources.

Mate Szalay-Bekofavorite
Mate Szalay-Beko (TGAC)close


Further BioJS Contributors

Tim Rufflesfavorite
Tim Rufflesclose

Tim is founder of SidekickJS. JavaScript trainer and instructor for Angular, D3, Node and Backbone. Maintainer of the beautiful JavaScript Garden

Doug Blankfavorite
Doug Blankclose

Doug Blank is an Associate professor of Computer Science at Bryn Mawr College, PA, USA. He has used IPython in his unversity courses for quite a few years and is an active contributor to IPython / Jupyter

Pierre-Andre Michelfavorite
Pierre-Andre Michelclose

Pierre-Andre is a bioinformatician and team leader of the neXtProt working group at the Swiss Insitute of Bioinformatics

Benedikt Rauscherfavorite
Benedikt Rauscher (DKFZ)close

Benedikt is a web developer at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, Germany and has been contributing to the project with several visualizing components.

Simon Juppfavorite
Simon Juppclose

Simon has degrees in both Biochemistry and Computer Science and now work somewhere between both disciplines. His research interests are generally related to information management, but more specifically, using computers to improve the way we capture, manage and share knowledge about biology. Most of his work is now focused on the use of ontologies to capture knowledge in some computationally useful form.

Luca Fumisfavorite
Luca Fumisclose

Luca Fumis is a web developer at the Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation (CTTV) and a contributor to several BioJS projects.


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