Represent biological data on the web.


You have already done a great job - now we do our best to create the visibility your efforts deserve and give you an unique way to share your achievements.


Using state-of-the-art web technologies BioJS enables a full-featured biological workbench directly in your browser. With our event-based approach it's easy for developers to integrate BioJS in their application.


Unlike writing your own JS components, and unnecessarily reinventing the wheel, BioJS gives you access to fully-documented code, complete with examples and a common structure.

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What is BioJS?

BioJS builds a infrastructure, guidelines and tools to avoid the reinvention of the wheel in life sciences (= "Docker for Bio web components"). Our community builds modules than can be reused by anyone.
Easy to use
npm install biojs-io-clustal
Easy to test
npm test
Easy to develop
Only conventions - use your favorite tools.
Easy to maintain
distributed github repositories
Easy to get involved
Social open source community on github
Easy to start
npm install -g slush-biojs

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